Painting the Battle Droid was probably the easiest thing I had ever done. The day I painted him outside it was warm, no wind and no bugs outside. It was excellent. For Texas that was extremely rare! The blaster I got as a toy and then aged it and made it functional. It has sound and light and can be fired remotely.. I used military Tan, Terra Cotta, flat black, silver and a very small amount of pigs blood for realism of battle conditions. I simulated pitted damage by spraying water droplets on the droid and then spraying flat black paint on top of that and letting it dry. The effect was very impressive.



  1. Michael on 06.15.2009


    How can one order such a Battledroid kit?


  2. Jerry Chevalier on 07.22.2009

    you can order them from Mardon in the Phillipines. PM sent

  3. Stephen on 08.13.2009

    This is great, and the pit droid too. Can you PM me with info on how to order one?

  4. Jack on 09.26.2009

    Do you have blueprint of the battle droid or address to buy it because I own home theatre room and I would like build battle droid for ornamentation.
    Thanks for reply

  5. Eric on 03.08.2010

    Hello,fantastic work !!!

    Do you have some plans and dimensions,please ?

    And can you PM the link to buy it ?

    Thank you.

    PS:I’m sorry for my language,I’m french man !

  6. caleb on 03.29.2010

    can you please tell me how to get one???

  7. Drew on 07.18.2010

    Hello Jerry,

    I have been looking for something like this. SO I was wondering if there are any kits I can acquire to make one please?

    Much Thanks,

    please email me the information: drewthefan123@yahoo.com

  8. Jerry Chevalier on 07.31.2010

    Hi Drew
    You can get kits from Mardon Callantra at mlcallanta@gmail.com.

  9. Jerry Chevalier on 07.31.2010

    you can get one from Mardon Callantra at mlcallanta@gmail.com

  10. Jerry Chevalier on 07.31.2010

    YOu can get the kit from Mardon Callantra at mlcallanta@gmail.com

  11. esa on 05.10.2011

    are you selling it

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