Assembling a Battle Droid

by Jerry Chevalier

dsc00711The battle droid came as a ready made kit from Mardon in the Phillipines. All I had to do was assemble him. He had some minor damage to the neck area from inadequate packing which Mardon fixed immediately. I modified the battle Droid by cutting the backpack off so I could install the sound card, speakers, motors and servos for the head so it could move and tell people they were …uh…under arrest! The first thing I had to do was assess what I had to work with and where I would be placing the hardware for the electronics.



  1. chase on 02.01.2010

    hi! my name is chase
    I am nine years old
    can you tell me were you got the droid and how mutch it was
    thanks my mom will check here email

  2. Jerry Chevalier on 02.01.2010

    Tell your mom I made it. You cant buy it at any store. It takes several months to make and costs over 1500 to make from fiberglass and resin parts.

  3. Francisco Junio on 08.07.2010

    Hi, i’m from brazil and i goint to made a 3D model of the Battle Droid, for a discipline of Technical Designing by Computer, by a CAD software called CATIA. And i need some proportions of this, and if you can give some of this for me i’m goig to be vere gratefull, because i need it very much.

    You battle droid is realy amazing, congratulations.

    Sorry for the inglish, thaks anyway.

  4. Jerry Chevalier on 08.07.2010

    what dimensions do you need?

  5. salamyman on 10.26.2010

    hello jerry,
    i`m currently starting a project, building a life size trade federation battle droid.
    it would be very helpful for me if you could help me with some overall dimensions of the droid and if it`s not too much pics with the details – as many as you can
    thenk ou very much!

  6. Kevin h. on 02.29.2012

    Dear Jerry This really looks amazing.
    Are you still producing them?

  7. B rad on 11.01.2013

    I would like to know where to order a battle droid. Can you please email me with particulars?

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