Bender’s Dimensions

By Jerry Chevalier


OK guys. Here you go.

These are the measurements of the Bender that was created by Simon Jansen. He is the one who made the Beer brewing Bender at It is an outstanding creation. Many thanks to Simon for giving me the measurements. Hopefully I will get him drawn in a CAD program very soon, but for now here are those pesky measurements we all have been wanting.. bear in mind that these are the outside dimensions of the finished product. In order to build it you will need to figure out the internal dimensions. Hopefully I will have something soon after the B9 Build off is complete. Right now I am pretty busy with everything.Antenna
The antenna is 150mm tall and the ball on top is about 30mm in diameter.
The little base bit of the antenna is 45mm diameter by 20mm high. The bottom of the antenna (on top of the base I mean) is 26mm and it tapers to 11mm at the top. It is hollow inside with a super bright red LED placed inside of the ball.Head
His head is 250mm diameter. The dome is half that since it was made from a 6″ polystyrene sphere cut in half. From the bottom of the head up to where the dome starts is 332mm. Total head height is 457mm.

The eyes are 90mm diameter made from a polystyrene sphere again. The eye bit is 132mm high, 240mm wide and it starts 162mm from the base of the head.

The mouth is 100mm high and 230mm around (measured around the head cylinder). The bottom of it is 40mm from the base of the head. The thickness of the mouth and body is 15mm based on the size of the wooden dowels I used.

The tapered bit under the head is about 125mm high and tapers from 250mm at the top to 500mm at the top of the body.

The body is 570mm tall and at the bottom the diameter is about 360mm. The door is 340mm around the top curve, 270mm around the bottom curve and 450mm along each straight edge.

The arms are pool noodles with a inner hole for the copper tubing. One thing I would try to get some bendable cord like bendable goose neck tubing so I can pose him however the length of the arms may make that difficult to obtain. The outer arm diameter should match the outer leg diameter.

For the hands I used a red 16oz cup with a wood inset but the fingers are the rap around ties you can get a home depot. I felt it was important for him to be able to hold things like a beer bottle.

The legs are 80mm diameter and are 440mm from the bottom of the body to the top of the feet domes. However I wanted him a bit taller.

The feet domes are 200mm diameter (again a sphere cut in half.)


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