The Coat of Chrome guys who did gold plating also do a lot of the Chroming of the Victoria Secret models and really liked what they saw so they asked me if they could show off my C3PO and their work at SEMA.  For those who dont know what SEMA is, SEMA is a specialty equipment marketing association and international car show that occurs yearly in Las Vegas. I had to work fast because once I got C-3PO back from them I only had 1 week to get him ready and functional before he had to go back out to Las Vegas.

Since I had such a short amount of time, I didn’t have time to make his arms and hands fully functional so I put dummy arms in place and made him talk, light up and just look around. They loved it and he was a big hit. He was so shiny at the show that most of the flashy photography couldn’t come out very well……




I decided to change my frame to aluminum. It seems to suit my needs better for the positioning of the legs and the electronics I wanted to install. A simple ladder system is what I decided to use. I then had a shelf welded for the neck mechanism. As mentioned earlier I had sent my parts off to Coat of Chrome to get gold plated. They came back today. They look spectacular.dsc01925