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037aI couldn’t get the original Dalek colors from England because they were not water soluble paints. Since I made the NSD dalek in California, no painter would paint it it because of their regulations. So I got what I could get (automotive paint) which- believe it or not) was Blaze Orange with a metallic pearl. It looks like copper when in the sun. Depending on the light, it can look flat or glossy. The gold is Aztec Gold. The black is flat back. Then the entire Dalek has a clear coat applied to it to protect the finish .

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The shou001lder is the hardest part of the Dalek to make. The 2nd hardest item are the shoulder slats. Getting them to mate tightly and uniformly to the shoulder curves can be a major headache. It was for me. I finally gave into the EverCoat Rage to fill in the gaps. This stuff is wonderful (but expensive). I used painters blue tape so it would not adhere to the fiberglass and then sanded the sides flush. It solved my problem. The following pictures shows the gaps after the wood was routed for external appearance but you could see the gap without the wood filler.

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