DSC07147The Storm Dalek uses the same base and skirt footprint as a NSD Dalek. If you don’t already have the Dalek Builders Workshop manual  (http://www.projectdalek.co.uk/) , I would strongly recommend you become a member, pay for the manual and get the free additional manuals for the 2005  Dalek and the MK6 manual.

As for the base I recommend 3/4″ grade 1 or 2  plywood.  At this phase I also apply the varnish (which you can get at Home Depot or Lowes).  This is very important and necessary step. It protects the wood from warp-age. In the first photo here the problem with the base is that the wheels are too far forward. This makes the Dalek too sensitive and difficult to steer remotely.

I have moved the wheel spaces and motor mounts aft. The undercarriage lights are added as well as other access points. This gives the illusion that it is hovering as it moves down the hallway and washes out the wheels so you cant see them.001

Since my Daleks are remote control, it is very important that the base not only be very stable so no “wheelies” ever occur from a sudden, rapid acceleration, they also do not lean in turns either. No wheels should ever show while it runs down hallways or on reflective surfaces while the under carriage lights are on. I have seen some Dalek builders use the wheels to help stabilize the platform because their main drive wheelbase is too narrow, too far forward or both. As a result, you have a sub-optimal design and an unstable platform.  That means it is unsafe.

For drive motors, I always recommend NPC 24v drive motors with the brakes removed. New motors are expensive. What I have done is visit Craig’s list and get a old wheelchair to strip down. I use those motors, wheels and sometimes those batteries and chargers if they are 24V and working. Look hard. You can get very good deals. I got all I needed for 125.00. Those new NPC motors are 325.00 + motors EACH and that doesn’t include the wheel, charger, batteries or other wheels you could use to help stabilize your Dalek.



IMG_6893Well, here we go. I haven’t finished updating the NSD Dalek blog even though it is finished and running about exterminating annoying little destructo-bots (kids) and other humanoid life forms… lol. With no plans and no scale other than my big , eh, ruler(yeah….that’s it) and TV screen, my other NSD Dalek  for scale reference ; along with help from Dave Duca and some pictures from the Dalek builders groups’ Alan Clark’s Storm (which I am trying to basically replicate from his 2008 build), Dave and I started off to see what kind of abomination we could create. The original intent was to have 2 Storms ready for Chicago Tardis in 2013 but that didn’t happen. Only mine was ready…. sort of.

It was missing a lot of parts, detail and it could not stand any close-up scrutiny. It was put together with duct tape, wing nuts and glue. It was impossible to drive and the only reason it looked like a STORM was because My Storm Dalek under constructionit was all black. Black hides a multitude of construction sins……There just wasn’t time to do things right. Things were not symmetrical. Nothing really worked. So, after the convention I put it up in the U-Haul and had to re-do everything from the base board (re-cut the size of the board as well as re-position the drive motors  aft (they were too far forward) ) all the way up to the top. Improving on Alan’s design making it stronger, faster, better. (Hmm, sounds like an add for the 6 Million dollar man). :)   What you see now follows my build changes, modifications, problems and ideas.

You are free to to see, use, modify/enhance and ask questions as you please. All that I ask is that you give proper credit where credit is due. Also, you are not allowed to build and sell anything here for money. Build one for yourself. It is fun and it is a challenge. The original idea of this Storm design concept is not mine. It belongs to Alan Rocky Marshall and then  MechMaster (Chris Smith). Alan Clark built the original Storm. One clarification, it is NOT a Dalek. You may hear or see it referred to as one but only out of convenience by others for they do not know any better. STORM stands for Special Tactical Operations Radioactive Mutant..STORM..

Dave Duca supplied the raw base fiberglass forms however I supplied all of the mods, corrections, fixes, changes, repairs etc and they were extensive (over 2,000 hours). I built my Storm and it is coming for you!! The weapon system is active. System is On-Line.