I didn’t 049have the benefit of blueprints or dimensional plans at the time I was building my War Storm. Just a few general drawings that I had to approximate based on surrounding scale. The skirt is a regular NSD skirt. When making cut outs and vents in the surrounding fiberglass parts it was a “best guess” based on what I saw from the Dark Dimension and the Project Dalek build log. I think I did pretty good. Other USA made Storms are based on my cutouts for standardization. The globes are 100 mm party favor balls you can get from eBay. I got mine from eBay seller zofiaschoice. This person seems to have the best price over the years as I have used them for the NSD build and now for the STORM build. The center greeblies along the black strip on the skirt were done with a 3D printer.

When the fenders come out of the molds, they don’t have the cutouts already made. Also, any defects in symmetry, contours, etc are magnified. So once I figured out where to make the holes and cuts and then had to correct the radius of the fenders and any other imperfections. It was a challenge and a lot of fun!


IMG_1402 IMG_1396 IMG_1397 IMG_1398




281As you can see from the top view, the front skirt has an appearance similar to what I have seen…similar to the P-40 WarHawk. You have a nose, 2 eyes and a mouth. It is
intimidating. The back skirt is known as the Baboon fender. It is big, wide, heavily vented and lighted. You cannot tell from the pictures but the Baboon fender corners were flattened out from the molds so I had to round them out with body filler. I also had to correct the slope with the front and back of the shoulder and certain places around the skirt which were not 277flush or plumb. You can tell where from the non white body fill.









The guns are all aluminum. There just isn’t anything else like all metal for a weapon system….. :)

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