Model makers, like evil scientists, :) and/or bombers have a “signature” when it comes to their electrical designs. When you look “behind” the curtain or inside the model of any RC model there are certain styles inherit or specific to a builder. It doesn’t infer the only way to do it; rather it accomplishes a task needed that can be easily modified on the fly during events for specific purposes.  The components they are familiar with afford a wide array of options depending on the venue or application. If you wonder why I used specific components then feel free to ask.

The components I have used here are the CF3 by ACS Sound Systems. 2 Vellemen MK114 Optical organ kits. The JR12 2.4GHZ  remote control system, the R2 builders group voltage distribution board, Custom Weapons light by Dale Wheat, custom Larson scanning LED lights for the shoulder by Dale Wheat, Vantec RDFR32 motor controller, multiple Pico light controllers for RC receivers, 3 Batteries (2 12v 80amp/hr batteries for the drive motor and 1 12v 100amp/hr battery for the lights, sound, servos and weapons).   All of my Storms & Daleks have hidden power control systems and their own rapid charging capabilities.

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The lighting control system is synced to the sound and fire control mechanism.

Storm Dalek 078 - CopyIMG_0111IMG_0112


I decided to do a combination of 24v for the drive motors and 12v system for everything else. The batteries I use are the Werker 12v 33amp/hr. Since I wont be sitting inside it, I will wire it so it will be easy for me to configure it the way I need to for prototype development (since this is the first Dalek I have built). I will be using the Vantec RDFR23 motor controller for the main drive wheels. The Vantec RET411P for the waist rotation control connected to a BaneBot motor. Another RET411p was used to control the car antenna extension and retraction for the plunger arm. I will also be employing the control head technique for the master controls of the Dalek. They will be hidden inside one of the “bumps” in the skirt utilizing schedule 4o PVC 4″ tubing as a conduit. This Dalek uses recorded sound bites so I am using the CF3 by ACS Sound systems. Sounds are activated by a 12 channel RF remote, some sounds are linked tothe lights in the dome  by assigning them to the right or left channel. I made all sounds that trigger the lights on the dome assigned to the right channel so Laser sounds or sounds not made by the talking of a Dalek do not light up the light cages.