OK, this is the first “evil” robot I will be building. A NSD 2005 version Dalek from the Dr. Who series. I started watching this recently and really liked it. What I most probably will do will make the Dalek work remotely and do advanced functions while also trying out new building techniques I have learned while doing my other robot builds.


  1. Mike Glielmi (Dalek Caan) on 03.23.2011

    Dude! Update your Dalek page eh? Super-cool Daleks like the one you built with Daves parts MUST be on display in all their glory for the world to marvel at! I do love to visit your site, because you probably have more ultra-cool stuff in your house than most museums have. You ARE the robot master!
    However, I must warn you, your Robby is still in danger, as I will have it!
    Looking forward to seeing you at this years Chicago Tardis.
    Mike Glielmi (Dalek Caan)

  2. admin on 04.02.2011

    I agree Mike. It is just that I have been swamped with work. I will do so NOW!!!

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