By Jerry Chevalier

Well, here we are again! Seemed like only a year ago….ah….. yeah….anyhow…Well this time the kiddies got out to have fun! Robby and GORT decided to venture out this time and they got a good amount of attention from the Anime’ groups as the pictures show………..One of them tried to relieve him self on Robby but was quickly dispatched by GORT (boy nothing like fried orange dog to sting up a room)……..Anyway enjoy………


By Jerry Chevalier


GORT made his first outing at ALLCON. It was nice to get out with him to meet some of his fans. He of course traveled in style to his destination (in a Harley Davidson Trailer) to the ALLCON convention where he was asked to attend this year for the DPRG convention. I must say the ladies as well as some of the other “guests” really enjoyed his presence……..



Setting GORT up

By Jerry Chevalier


Setting GORT up is pretty simple. Just plug the head in and gently position the cross bar into the groves and you are set. The only thing left to do is to test him out with the remote. He plays music from the Day the Earth Stood Still, his visor raises, his head lowers, and the visor lights up and pulses. The only thing it doesn’t do is have a laser beam come out. That is where I come in. I will make it do that with a photonic cell/flash.


Gort has arrived

By Jerry Chevalier


This guy is big and makes himself known by all! Wow! What a robot and what a history/conversation piece! Well thus guy is going to do more than just look good in my house. He is going to actually guard my house and look out over all of my other droids; making sure they all behave!! If you look carefully you will see what he looks like from the inside. He is made out of fiberglass. He is big but he is light! For scale references, my wife Kip is 5 feet tall.