Gort has arrived

By Jerry Chevalier


This guy is big and makes himself known by all! Wow! What a robot and what a history/conversation piece! Well thus guy is going to do more than just look good in my house. He is going to actually guard my house and look out over all of my other droids; making sure they all behave!! If you look carefully you will see what he looks like from the inside. He is made out of fiberglass. He is big but he is light! For scale references, my wife Kip is 5 feet tall.


2 Responses to Gort has arrived

  1. Joe Boylan

    Always loved Gort – do you sell them? I am interested. Please e-mail me if you do – Thank You – JOE

  2. Louis Armour

    I recently obtained a Gort myself. Could you please contact me regarding a question about your Gort.


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