Mouse Design

By Jerry Chevalier


I got the mouse shells from Max Cervantes. The Car frames are from Bolink. I then had a custom sub frame designed to support the various electronics and 10,000mah battery, speakers. High performance motors with a slip differential gear so the motor wouldn’t burn up yet it would give a high rate of speed despite the high weight of the droid. If you notice the little windo in the front of the droid there is a sensor for IR movement and a shock sensor that is tied into the sound chip that makes the usual mouse sounds heard on the Deathstar. The really nice thing about the droid project was that with all of the travelling I would do it was easy for me to take the parts with me and work on them in my hotel rooms when I would come back from the hospital each day.  Of course at times the TSA would wonder what it was that I was building but they always seem to let me on the plane…….hhmmmmm………dsc030411



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