Restarting my Build

by Jerry Chevalier

I have been very busy with work lately but have recently restarted my build of NOMAD. I have uncovered some additional photos of a kit that is currently available on the web. The one I received was of very poor quality. The picture you see here are from Gary Larsons scratch built NOMAD. This is not the kit he offers. I would recommend you ask to see the kit parts in their native untouched form before you buy them. Here are the additional photos:


DSC03954Ok, here we go!! The aluminum side plates are here. As you can see from the movie these metal panels appear to be dead on to the show . Ill need to develop an internal frame for the side plates and angle pieces. Ill probably need to develop some internal shelving for the electronics and battery compartment.

NOMAD in ladder areaKirk and NOMAD


I will make the New NOMAD out of Aluminum and Resin. I will make the side panels out of stamped Aluminum panels . All lighting will be done via colored LEDs and I will use super bright white LEDS for the nose cone light that comes on when Lt. Uhura’s mind was erased or turn red when it it is firing at security officers. It will have the appropriate sound effect to match the color being displayed/flashed. Aside from quoting phrases from the Changeling episode of Star Trek, it will also have a remote voice changer capability so a actor can respond to visitors questions and remarks…. That will make it pretty cool. With all of that he will have a internal battery so no wires will be visible. I will also need to design and build the anti-Grav device so I can transport NOMAD when I go tto conventions.

nomadCurrently gathering data/plans, etc and deciding on what material I want to build NOMAD . The RPF has some who have made him out of Resin, wood and Styrene. I like Aluminum but perhaps I will use a combination of materials.neckrev1