DSC03954Ok, here we go!! The aluminum side plates are here. As you can see from the movie these metal panels appear to be dead on to the show . Ill need to develop an internal frame for the side plates and angle pieces. Ill probably need to develop some internal shelving for the electronics and battery compartment.

NOMAD in ladder areaKirk and NOMAD


  1. Kyderdog on 09.04.2010

    Hey Jerry its been about a year since you have updated your site, how is the project going..

  2. Jerry Chevalier on 09.04.2010

    I’ve been busy with work and other project. Later this year I will pick this project back up and finish it. I have all the parts ready to go.

  3. Kyderdog on 09.10.2010

    Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. Dennis J Jaciw on 10.25.2010

    Hi there Jerry.

    Just curious as to whether you have finished Nomad. It is fantastic to see someone actually building a replica. Great job Jerry :)

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