Weathering the PIT droid

By Jerry Chevalier

After painting the pit droid it was time to weather him appropriately. To do that, I used a couple of techniques I had learned. 1 was using a thinned acrylic paint that was airbrushed to simulate a level of wear and tear to the exterior skin of the droid. Another technique I learned was the use of paint pens to simulate metal scratches of paint being scratched away to bear metal. The best paint pens I have used are the ones from  GUNDAMAKER. They have a variety of colors and can also simulate stains, oil leaks, burn metals, etc. The 3rd technique I learned was the use of a soapy solution used in conjunction with a sponge brush with acrylic paints. This is used to achieve dirty oil, mud and grime affects. I also used a technique to simulate pitted metal by using water droplets on enamel paint. As the water dries it makes the paint look concave, thus pitted. All of these techniques were used on my pit and battle droids as well as my other droids for weathering.

Pit Droid #3

By Jerry Chevalier

Pit Droid #3 is currently underway/under construction. This will be my final Pit Droid I will have in my army of Pit Droids. I will make these guys like the 3 stooges of the Star Wars universe. It should be pretty cute! This one kind of looks like it is fashioned for Christmas but once I weather this one it will look very different. This one is painted with rusted red primer but has satin green accents on the legs and torso and dome. Tomorrow I will apply his decals and weather him.


Post assembly

By Jerry Chevalier

Pit Droid #2 getting ready to work on R2D2 for Celebration5.  This Pit droid is a little different than Pit Droid #1 in that his hands have cups to allow for puppeteering actions and the base of his head has a place for servo horn to allow for head rotation left and right (not up and down). The up and down would have to be manual at this point unless I redid the neck base which I don’t want to do at this time. It will be great to put the wireless camera in and hook it up to the iPhone using the Air Cam app on iPhone. I just need to have a wireless router that I can connect to and it will work just fine. If we can have access to that at C5 we can have visual security for the room when we are not present.

 Depending on your preference and color scene you are going for, I wanted a different look for my Pit Droids. Pit Droid #1 was all rust colored with some black debris/dirt, etc. This one is a 2 tone red primer/flat brown with scratch marks and will have simulated dirt/mud via watercolor paints and will also have decals on his head plate like some of the droids did in Episode 1. I decided to take my droid to work on April 1st for a little fun. One of the nice things about a Pit Droid other than that they are pose-able, is that they are kind of “cute”. He was an instant hit!

Pit Droid #2

By Jerry Chevalier

Well, #2 is here. This one will be a quick build like the first one. But I will add a few new things to this droid as well as upgrade #1. Wireless cameras will go in both as will little motors in the heads so they will pan around the room. I will also add some decals to the head pieces to add a little more realism. This one had some damage in the hip/waist area and the hands were not made to spec so I need to make some mods to correct those problems. This color is a little brighter Terra Cotta to start off but I will weather this one just like the first one and add more wear and tear  since these are primarily maintenance droids. I will also add some LED’s; some Decals to the head pieces for personalization as seen in Episode 1 and make some flat tools for the Pit Droid to grab ahold of for special scenes…..


New Droid on the way

By Jerry Chevalier

I just ordered another droid from Mardon. This one will be more anamated than the previous one. Now the other Pit Droid will have a brother to play with and tear other droids apart!. This will help the Celebration 5 scenes and will also help with security for monitoring the room as well as general entertainment.

Painting the Pit Droid

By Jerry Chevalier


I chose to copy a color scheme of a pit droid that was primarily rusted. So my primary color used was a combination of flat black Terra Cotta and Red Earth Brown. I chose to paint my droid the same day I painted my Battle Droid. I wish all of my droid painting was this easy, cheap and fast!!


Assembling the Pit Droid

By Jerry Chevalier


The Pit droid is a ready made droid from Mardon in the Philippines. All you have to do is put him together. There isnt much to this assembly. Just screw him together and paint. I added some electronics inside the pancake dome for remote monitoring but that was just about it. It is fully poseable and can stand on its own. He came to me in a default primer gray color. He is made out of fiberglass