Pit Droid #2

By Jerry Chevalier

Well, #2 is here. This one will be a quick build like the first one. But I will add a few new things to this droid as well as upgrade #1. Wireless cameras will go in both as will little motors in the heads so they will pan around the room. I will also add some decals to the head pieces to add a little more realism. This one had some damage in the hip/waist area and the hands were not made to spec so I need to make some mods to correct those problems. This color is a little brighter Terra Cotta to start off but I will weather this one just like the first one and add more wear and tear  since these are primarily maintenance droids. I will also add some LED’s; some Decals to the head pieces for personalization as seen in Episode 1 and make some flat tools for the Pit Droid to grab ahold of for special scenes…..



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