Assembling the Pit Droid

By Jerry Chevalier


The Pit droid is a ready made droid from Mardon in the Philippines. All you have to do is put him together. There isnt much to this assembly. Just screw him together and paint. I added some electronics inside the pancake dome for remote monitoring but that was just about it. It is fully poseable and can stand on its own. He came to me in a default primer gray color. He is made out of fiberglass


6 Responses to Assembling the Pit Droid

  1. Deron

    Hi, Love these droids. Could you tell me how to contact Mardon? I’d like to get one for myself.


  2. Larry

    Hi Jerry
    Can you send me a email on how I can get a hold of Mardon
    so I can buy one of his pit droids. I am a member of the R2 buliders club.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Jerry Chevalier

    Hi Larry
    His email is

  4. Guilo

    Hi Jerry me to mading a pit droid but I can´t to finish be couse I don’t have all drawings… Do you give me this drawings?? please
    I’m from Colombia and I let you my Email
    Thanks for all
    … Bye Guilo.

  5. Gary Guy

    Hello Jerry, could you please tell me if Mardon has a web-site. I know it has been a few years :-) but i would really like a Pit Droid. I am with a group called Joker Squad, we are based in England. But 5 of us managed to go to Celabration in Anahiem this year. It was Awesome. I would like to get a PD (or three) for our display area as the kid’s would like to have their photos taken with them. I hope you can help me, thank you.

  6. Jerry Chevalier

    He doesn’t have a website that I know of but you should be able to get him on


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