Weathering the PIT droid

By Jerry Chevalier

After painting the pit droid it was time to weather him appropriately. To do that, I used a couple of techniques I had learned. 1 was using a thinned acrylic paint that was airbrushed to simulate a level of wear and tear to the exterior skin of the droid. Another technique I learned was the use of paint pens to simulate metal scratches of paint being scratched away to bear metal. The best paint pens I have used are the ones from  GUNDAMAKER. They have a variety of colors and can also simulate stains, oil leaks, burn metals, etc. The 3rd technique I learned was the use of a soapy solution used in conjunction with a sponge brush with acrylic paints. This is used to achieve dirty oil, mud and grime affects. I also used a technique to simulate pitted metal by using water droplets on enamel paint. As the water dries it makes the paint look concave, thus pitted. All of these techniques were used on my pit and battle droids as well as my other droids for weathering.

2 Responses to Weathering the PIT droid

  1. Thade Iviin

    Any idea if Mardon is still selling these kits?

  2. Jerry Chevalier

    Dont know if he does or not.


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