Robby the Robot et.al.

by Jerry Chevalier



What a versatile and prolific science fiction robot. There are not too may robots out there that can make claim to have been in so many different science fiction movies and series than Robby the Robot. Wether he was in Fornidden Planet or the Invisible boy, or episodes of Lost in Space as a Robotoid or in Night Gallery or Twilight Zone or in an episode of Columbo with Peter Faulk or in any number of other movies, shows and special apearances there is no mistaking this guys face and appearance. So it should come as no surprise that I should have him in my collection.   He is a beautiful and magestic piece as well as a perfect companion and nemesis for my B9 robot.


  1. Richie Alonzo on 07.07.2009

    Hi , I came across your site and was blown away by the FP Blasters and Rifles .
    My question to you is where did you get the Rifle oor did you make it ? Is
    there any way I can buy a FP Rifle from you ? Where did you get your Robby from ?

    Sincerely , Richie

  2. Tim on 07.30.2009

    Did you build the Robby/Robotoid yourself or was it purchased? I am building a robot inspired by Robby and B-9 and need some reference dimensions (if you would be so kind :) since I want to use the Robby torso as a base for mine. You can see what I have in mind on my blog if interested.

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