Forbidden Planet Weapons

By Jerry Chevalier

Blaster Pistols and Rifle


8 Responses to Forbidden Planet Weapons

  1. trekman

    Those are sooo cool.

    I have always wondered what the blaster rifle would look like close up.

    Where can i get the blue prints.

    Well done what a great job.

  2. arthur Vicario

    hi there, where did you get the rifle from, I would like to get one if you do not mind ,thanks art


    Are you selling any of the rifles or ahabd guns? thank you


    wow the pulse rifle is so cool, can i order one? thanks again Howie

  5. Dan Christlieb were can I get a forbidden rifle

    Hi there the rifle is so cool looking were can I get one can you send me blue prints of that blaster rifle of not for sale

  6. Richie Alonzo

    Hi, Love your Blasters and FP Rifle . Would like to purchase a rifle from you if you are selling them still. Or I would love to get a blueprint with dimensions if that works better for you .
    Thanks, Richie A.

  7. Howie Galin

    Can you please let me know if you are selling q blaster rifle. Thank you-Howie

  8. Howie Galin

    Will you be seeling a blaster rifle?


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