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Robots and Applications of Robotics

As we can see, robotics applications are everywhere – and there is still more to be done. For instance, it is well-known that our world’s exploration on space has its basics in robotics applications, as was NASA’s Pathfinder. Some robotics applications are even based on solar energy, making them the future that we couldn’t possibly dream of a few decades ago.

Almost all military finds use from robotics applications too, as we strive to have unmanned aereal vehicles, as was the Predator Drone. With many advantages, the warfare robotics application is significant for many militaries in the world.

However, the most notable part of usage and robotics applications is in homes, where we use all kinds of robots to stop or minimize the need of doing tasks and chores around the household. From Alexa to monitoring home security, automated lights, robotic vacuum cleaners and whatnot, we are roommates with robots.

Last but not least, the basics of industry are found in robots. It seems that saving up on actual manpower and replacing it with robots didn’t affect the regular worker, besides the manual workers, as robots are now capable of doing a lot of tasks, without anyone’s life being in danger. For instance, a robot can weld, iron and sort clothes, it can lift or cut through materials, and they are being used so, making the businesses more competitive in the global market.

Impact of Robots and Robotics into The Entertainment World


As robots penetrated our life, they also had a significant influence on overall entertainment, even before they were actually here. In fact, we have many robot-based movies and shows that got a lot of fame and popularity solely by being futuristic or talking about something that wasn’t happening at the moment. From R2D2 and C3PO in Star Wars, to Black Mirror’s half episodes featuring all types of robots, it seems that the producers and creators of shows were able to understand the robotics applications in real life, and portrayed them as they see them.

A lot of video games were inspired by these movies and became the greatest hits. You can find many futuristic theme games in online casinos too, that are free to play. Today, online casinos are the ultimate entertainment source, which besides the themed slots, have great offers on the most prominent casino games, such as poker. Hop over to this site and introduce yourself to poker. Regardless of your game choice, online casinos will give you the best entertainment you can imagine.

Best Online Video Games with Robots to play

There are great robot-themed video games that you can find online or download them and play them offline. Some of these extremely popular games include names like Transformers, Portal 2, Fallout 3, Destiny, Final Fantasy VIII and many more, and these have all had a great popularity, worldwide, and especially among people who are fanatic of robots.

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Latest News in Robot Technology

The robotics applications and the technology behind it never stayed at the basics – it is constantly evolving, changing and improving. This is why, today we have drones, new robots are being invented that can perform surgery and we even have a life-like robot that can communicate – Sophia. The most interesting thing about the news here is that the RoboBee started flying for the first time, and this can be a groundbreaking discovery, especially since the basics are that the bees are endangered species.

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