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CAD Drawings of my B9

The CAD drawings that so many of you have asked me about are rolling in now. This should allow you to have them made at your local machine shop or allow you to make them yourself. There are over 100 drawings and at $25.00 a page you can figure out how much it costs me to have them drawn up.
As soon as I have all of them I will send out an alert to the group. I think this is the first step in getting standardized drawings that fit with established club produced parts. As I have mentioned in previous club posts, these plans are for club use only. If you use them then you are agreeing that you are using them for yourself and will not take these plans to form anycommerical or financial venture without my expressed written permission. I own these designs. They are copyrighted. I am spending a lot of money having these professionally drawn for the benefit of club members. Please do not abuse this gift! I will accept donations for them but I will not demand a charge unless you require them to be physically sent out or mailed. Let me know what you think about them and if you require something that I may not have.

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