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Head & Neck

Routing the rings is not an easy task. Deciding what to make them out of is not easy either. Metal? Plastic? Wood? What would be the easiest and the cheapest? As you go higher, weight is an issue because you must “Pop the top” to gain access for electronics and center of gravity becomes a concern on a remote beast such as this. In addition, I may not always have a partner so I need ot be able to do this myself. OK…wood it is. Easy to cut and repair if necessary and I can use Evercoat to hide the grain when painting so it will look metal.

I got some of the herenbone material from eBay and the metal grill from a camping store. Applied that along with a monster servo (T.Seiko P105) to turn the dome and got a shaft keyed with a stop so it would index properly when putting the head on. Initially I had the Servo resting above the base plate of the neck but that made the dome site too high and interferred with 360 rotation so I brought it underneath it so it would sit inside the neck cavity. I then used another rockler bearing for the head to rotate around and then crafted the ear support pieces and Dalek eye piece support bracket to match the dome arc/radius so it would sit properly on the neck. With the speakers in the neck, this Dalek gets pretty loud.

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