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Post assembly

Pit Droid #2 getting ready to work on R2D2 for Celebration5.  This Pit droid is a little different than Pit Droid #1 in that his hands have cups to allow for puppeteering actions and the base of his head has a place for servo horn to allow for head rotation left and right (not up and down). The up and down would have to be manual at this point unless I redid the neck base which I don’t want to do at this time. It will be great to put the wireless camera in and hook it up to the iPhone using the Air Cam app on iPhone. I just need to have a wireless router that I can connect to and it will work just fine. If we can have access to that at C5 we can have visual security for the room when we are not present.

Depending on your preference and color scene you are going for, I wanted a different look for my Pit Droids. Pit Droid #1 was all rust colored with some black debris/dirt, etc. This one is a 2 tone red primer/flat brown with scratch marks and will have simulated dirt/mud via watercolor paints and will also have decals on his head plate like some of the droids did in Episode 1. I decided to take my droid to work on April 1st for a little fun. One of the nice things about a Pit Droid other than that they are pose-able, is that they are kind of “cute”. He was an instant hit!

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