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Robots in The Entertainment World

An entertainment robot can perform many different tasks, such as singing and dancing, but all have one goal: to entertain human beings. An entertainment robot puts itself in place of comedians, parents, or even pets! An entertainment robot can have conversations with people, serve refreshments in restaurants, or also accompany children. What does an entertainment robot?

An entertainment robot is usually found in homes, like toys for children. These toy robots can generally move. They are built to entertain (often children) using several different characteristics. There are toy robots, robots like domestic animals, humanoid robots, and much more. Some robots are taught certain songs to play later. Others have words stored in their memories of humanoid robots. They also have cameras to avoid obstacles and microphones that can recognize voices. This helps them have conversations with different people. There are already many companies, including Disney, Sony, and Sarcos, that make these robots. This means more jobs for engineers and people working in robot manufacturing.

An entertainment robot is a cute toy that can simulate happiness, laughter, sadness, and many other emotions, and it’s all about: a simulation. On the other side, people aren’t machines. We like to be happy and laugh; we have feelings; we can cry and be sad.

Since ancient times we have learned to stimulate our emotions by different kinds of entertainment. We enjoy listening to music and see skilled dancers and animators. We have had Gladiators, hot springs in Rome and we also have water parks today.

The point I’m trying to make is that the entertainment industry always goes hand in hand with technological development. I am also definitely sure that someday, on the Moon, are going to be many amusement parks for sure.

For the time being, the dreams about the domination of space should be put aside and find out something more about any entertainment robots. Of course, R2-D2 and C-3PO did the most exceptional job ever of entertaining people, but I’m talking about real-world robotics applications in the entertainment industry.

So there are robots that are used as mechanical games, there are animated robots that are made for entertaining people when they are at different types of festivals or amusement parks. We must mention that they’re not robot toys. They only make up a considerable part of any entertainment robot.

There are robotic toys shaped like bipedal humanoids. There are also toys like robotic dogs and anything else you can really imagine as well. We will try to give you some similar examples of all these. Here you have one humanoid robotic toy which is Wowwee’s Robosapiens. And of course, Sony’s AIBO is the most famous, notable and popular robotic dog.