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Updated Neon Wiring Diagram

Updated Neon Wiring Diagram

Craig Reinbrecht has been working on enhancing his neon hookup diagrams and has done an outstanding job. He has incorporated my infamous “Photo-Op” circuit and has made the setup as simple as possible. On the 2008 Build off DVD Craig goes over setting up the neon circuit correctly. This diagram is an enhancement to that process and makes it even simpler. 1 word of advice. For those who have or are considering a 16 row neon you will need 2 neon transformers. If you have a 12 row neon you will need only 1 transformer. Also, if your batteries fall below 30% power your neon will not function properly. It is a built in safety mechanism in the Tech 22 transformer. It is not in the product manual. It is also recommended that you have a separate amplifier for the neon apart from the speakers to guarantee a bright response whenever your robot talks. With that in mind; Craig has provided a recommended amplifier wiring diagram. It isn’t required but it is strongly recommended because if you use just 1 amp, if you turn the volume down the neon may not respond correctly. That’s why you want 2 amps. The amp you use just for the neon can be from a pair of old powered computer speakers so it doesnt have to be a new or expensive purchase.

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